rip vine 2

rip vine 2
!! I don't own these videos !!

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rip vine (my favorite vines)

ayo here are some of my favorite vines since vine is dead, rip. also i give full credit to the original makers of these

RIP Vine

I'm not going to upload anything else so I really would not recommend subscribing. Edit: Holy shit I've never laughed so hard at comments before, especially for the ones at 3:30 like holy

You Laugh You Lose the Squeaquel

I have no idea how the hell my first YLYL got 13 million views, and I certainly have no clue how I got 15k subscribers, but theres one thing I do know- memes. Its the motherfucking

rip vine compilation

hoppin on the bandwagon i thought this was gonna get like 50 views???? oh my god???? FAQ unless i can find it on youtube, i will not be able to find the exact names of vines anymore now that vine