rip vine part 2

rip vine part 2
even longer and shittier than the first one
(i dont own these either)

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rip vine part 3

the trilogy nobody asked for, here to prove that these compilations can get even worse (still dont own any of these vines believe it or

rip vine

you will be missed (none of these vines are mine don't sue

RIP Vine

Thanks to Thomas Sanders for introducing me to Vine, a love that grew quickly and vastly, even though it was short lived. Here's all the creators of the vines in this clip: Excerpt from

RIP Vine

I'm not going to upload anything else so I really would not recommend subscribing. Edit: Holy shit I've never laughed so hard at comments before, especially for the ones at 3:30 like holy

R.I.P. Vine

We lost one of the greats. This is in his memoriam. Vine you will be missed,


Although we have parted ways with vine, we will always treasure the good times and the many gifts we have received along the way.