7.2 Earthquake felt in "San Diego,ca"

7.2 Earthquake felt in "San Diego,ca"
We were in the middle of our Easter hunt that's when we felt the Temblor we were freaking out! Watch the cactus moving. We were panicking like if something was going to happen were in the middle of the grass .lol.......  (English)   
  Estabamos a la mitad recogiendo huevitos cuando empeso a Temblar! miren el cactus moviendose . Empesampos a paniciar como si nos hubiera a pasar algo estamabos en el medio del patio.jajaja....(Espanol)

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(Original) Amazing video of the tremendous easter earthquake in Calexico, California. Property of Arturo Marin & Adam

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EDIT 2-22-2017: If you want to use footage from this video, feel free, just give credit. Thanks mate. At first, I thought it was a few second one, but after a little bit I whipped out my camera and