7.2 Easter Earthquake - San Diego Footage - Surveillance Camera Capture

7.2 Easter Earthquake - San Diego Footage - Surveillance Camera Capture
This is my home Survelliance Camera for my driveway.  The camera is mounted on a pole.  The camera senses motion to trigger a recording - the earthquake set it off and captured the shaking! 4/4/10. Logitech Wilife Camera.

When I realized the earthquake wasn't small, I ran upstairs to get the baby (who was sleeping); but my husband already had him.  We watched as everything jiggled, a few things fell off shelves, and waited for the shaking to stop a bit so we could get downstairs and outside.  You see my husband walk out with the baby at the end; I come out after him, but I am in the shadow speaking with someone else that is still in the house.

Featured on Good Morning Ameriaca and ABC affilliate local news programs.  4/5/10

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We are having a bbq and suddenly it happened. I did not catch it from the beginning of the shake but i wanted to show how the water in the pool overflows and continue to have a wave like effect....

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(Original) Amazing video of the tremendous easter earthquake in Calexico, California. Property of Arturo Marin & Adam

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EDIT 2-22-2017: If you want to use footage from this video, feel free, just give credit. Thanks mate. At first, I thought it was a few second one, but after a little bit I whipped out my camera and