Steve Bannon Speech At Republican Dinner In Michigan 11/8/17

Steve Bannon Speech At Republican Dinner In Michigan 11/8/17
The star attraction for the crowd of more than 700 at the Macomb County Republican Unity Dinner in Warren was Steve Bannon, the controversial editor of Breitbart News and former chief strategist for Trump during the 2016 campaign and the early months of Trump's presidency.
"Macomb is a key place. It’s a county that helped deliver Michigan for Donald Trump," said Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, who is a candidate for governor in 2018. "It’s going to be key in 2018, just like it was in 2016."

Schuette wasn't concerned with Bannon's "America First" message or his travels around the country, recruiting like-minded Republican candidates to challenge GOP incumbents in Congress with the goal of electing people who will be more supportive of Trump's agenda.

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