WARSAW, Poland — Mar 13, 2018, 8:29 AM ET

Man arrested in Poland after stabbing bride and groom


Polish prosecutors say a man has been arrested after he stabbed and injured a couple during their wedding ceremony.

The 23-year-old man attacked the couple with a knife as they were about to make their marriage vows at a protestant chapel in Rybnik, southern Poland, on Saturday.

The bride and groom, who suffered non-life threatening wounds to their necks and shoulders, were later married in a ceremony in the hospital.

Regional prosecution spokeswoman Karina Sprus said Tuesday the attacker can face life in prison if convicted on two counts of attempted homicide.

The Fakt tabloid reported that the man was the bride's acquaintance and had propositioned her.

News - Man arrested in Poland after stabbing bride and groom

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  • bibleexpert

    I guess he thought it would end just like it did in The Graduate.

  • eeriesponsiple

    Looks like she had made the right choice.

  • Brian 9876

    I think they are going to stop asking if anyone present objects to the marriage. That always leads to trouble.