ATLANTA — Mar 13, 2018, 2:33 AM ET

Atlanta-area police seek same fake officer in 2 sex assaults


Police in metro Atlanta say two sexual assault cases about a man posing as a law enforcement officer are similar enough to believe the same person is suspected.

Atlanta police Maj. Michael O'Connor said at a news conference Monday the man who assaulted a woman early Friday is potentially the same suspect in another assault roughly four hours later in neighboring Cobb County. The women reported being alone when stopped by a man driving a dark-colored sedan with a blue light bar on the roof. He was described as wearing a star-shaped badge and had asked to see a driver's license.

Both O'Connor and Cobb County police Capt. Dan Ferrell said investigators are working to identify the suspect and are looking for surveillance cameras that may have caught his vehicle.

News - Atlanta-area police seek same fake officer in 2 sex assaults

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  • Weather3014

    This happened multiple times over 20 years ago in NJ prompting the then Governor to stop the practice of unmarked vehicles performing traffic stops. I think that is the reasonable response. If an unmarked vehicle ever tried to stop me I would travel slowly to a well lit public area and never stop on some side road or isolated neighborhood street. Any looneytoon can get lights for his/her vehicle and wear a costume to impersonate law enforcement as well as get a badge that looks real enough. Unmarked vehicles have their place, but not in traffic stops.

  • Indy

    Don't think the loss of this piece of garbage would be such a bad thing, just saying in case Law Enforcement were to run into any problems while trying to apprehend this suspect.