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  • hal09i

    Well that's good to hear.
    Let's just hope the Navy doesn't collide with one of these islands...

  • moving33

    These man-made islands were not recognized in the 1900's even from China. International laws are being violated and sanctions should be imposed against China.

  • Holmes

    Save Money, Live Better.....

  • USA Dad Overseas

    The sad thing is that those made in China “islands” have been funded by everyone, Americans included, who buy made in China products.
    Before 2015 I did as well.

  • Mike Dineen

    These islands are of no 'strategic value' whatsoever. In any conflict, an adroitly placed/detonated device off shore by an adversary could easily send a 40 foot wave right over them with little or no warning. We've all seen what happens then.

  • Jiba

    US has friends all over the world

  • Optimist-2618173

    Under Trump, the US has been losing its technological and military advantages. China has developed weaponry that matches and often exceeds the best the US has to offer. For example, Chinese railguns have made US artillery vastly inferior in range, while China's fighter jets can take on F-anythings with no sweat -- and suspicions are strong that the Chinese jets would win easily. Far more significantly, China's progress in AI has outstripped US efforts to integrate computing technologies into its warfare tactics. Unfortunately, a fair contest between equal numbers of US and Chinese forces just might lead to a 9/11 or a Pearl Harbor disaster for the US. Thanks, Trump.

  • Thao D

    US needs one island for long times.Communist china will never give up and they will play the times.Taiwan had kick out of UN and they had successful for invasion Tibet.Communist china has learn the lesson from Japan in 1943

  • Y Obi Reddy

    The South China Sea is a bone of contention between the US, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and Peoples Republic of China eversince Beijing reclaimed islands for freedom of navigation. While the South East Asian countries have territorial water disputes with China, America wants freedom of navigation , a prime sea route connecting Asian countries and US through which bulk of trade and oil passes through.
    The International Court of Arbitration rejected the PRC claim of suzerainty over South China Sea ,the ASEAN nations are unable to assert their authority over their respective part of sea.
    While the ASEAN nations are economically vibrant, geographically small and militarily weak.Plus these are non-nuclear.
    Obama Administration was vocal critic of China on South China Sea but did persue the "policy of freedom of navigation as per international law" that was the reason ASEAN nations were uncertain over US policy.
    After the advent of Trump ,he unvield new "National Security Strategy" by pointing out China and Russia as " Global Rivals"and dubbed as "Revisionist Powers".
    To counter China power in South China Sea ,the US decided to send nuclear powered war ship to pass through.UK also decided to sail. America formed Quad - other members being Australia, India and Japan to challenge China. Of late Vietnam posing challenging China and US ship may be called to port.
    It is interesting to note that ASEAN nations have been silenced by China offering huge investments. The US has no stakes in territorial disputes but demands freedom of navigation in international waters.

  • William H Bockemuehl

    Is China willing to lose the billions in US debt if the monetary unit is nationalized?

    That could easily happen, along with sanctions and tariffs, decimating China's burgeoning import business.

  • James Tam

    US wants to flex its muscle, let see how far it dares to go. You guys took the islands from China once upon a time, China wants them back now. What are you guys going to do about a strong China. It is not a weakling anymore. Think China would let the times roll back to 1841 or 1900 [history counted 8 countries]?

  • tiger

    it's time to build and arm more islands.