Dec 6, 2017, 6:00 PM ET

Franken says no final decision to resign, but Democratic sources expect he will


In a short statement tonight, Sen. Al Franken's office is denying reports that he has made a final decision to resign his seat, however multiple Democratic sources in Washington and Minnesota tell ABC News that in an appearance tomorrow he is in fact expected to announce his resignation.

"No final decision has been made yet; he is still discussing with his family [and] still plans to give an announcement tomorrow," a spokesman in Sen. Franken's office told ABC News.

The senator's official twitter account tweeted a similar response on Wednesday evening.

More than three dozen U.S. Senators - including the Republican and Democratic leaders - have called on Franken to resign after two more women came forward today, joining six others, to accuse him of sexual misconduct.

The sources say Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, is strongly considering appointing Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, also a Democrat, to Franken's seat, at least temporarily, should he resign.

ABC News' Ali Rogin, Aaron Katersky and Ben Siegel contributed to this report.

News - Franken says no final decision to resign, but Democratic sources expect he will

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  • Althea Hypomone

    Democrats are Dumbo-carts

    TWeeden is a sl[t who had soldiers mock mounting her that day, I don’t know one female who feels the least bit sorry for her that somebody made a sexually charged joke about her boobs, the same boobs that she puts out there naked for men to go play with themselves too.

    And in that photo he’s not actually touching them, he’s pretending to and he’s not looking to get an erection, he’s looking to get a laugh. It is hardly predatorial behavior. It’s comedian behavior.

    The women saying that he grabbee them at photo ops or not the least bit believable. Not the tiniest bit believable. And it disturbs me greatly that all of these women have something in common that Russia has a common……They are all on Facebook. They all have the commonality that they posted photos of themselves with Frank in on Facebook and we know Russia is all over Facebook with thousands of fake accounts that have friended thousands of Americans.

    As an engineer I know, every engineering house, that you can search through Facebook for an individual. You can run a facial recognition algorithm through all of their friends in the Facebook and all of the people that they friend y they are all on Facebook. They all have the commonality that they posted photos of themselves with Frank in on Facebook and we know Russia is all over Facebook with thousands of fake accounts that have friended thousands of Americans.

    As an engineer I know, every engineering else, that you can search through Facebook for an individual. You can run a facial recognition algorithm through all of your friends in the Facebook and we KNOW Russia used Facebook extensively to friend Trump supporters and to send them fake news.

    I cannot believe that his colleagues would be calling for him to resign before there is any proof, and before there is any investigation into who these women are and why do they have this common link to photos on Facebook! Nobody post a photo on Facebook of themselves with somebody who abused them! That’s absurd!

    He was the most effective senator and questioning trumps circle about the Russian connections and he was a Twenty20 hopeful it seems so incredibly obvious that Russia has taken him out and they succeeded again

    Seriously Democrats need to reconsider this! Are you going to hand everything to the Russians so easlily????

  • Prophet With Honor

    His PROVEN and ADMITTED actions were sleazy and in bad taste. They have nothing to do with his competence to carry out his office.
    There is a tough call here.

  • Ralph

    But Moore will be elected, and there will be no ethics inquiry of him. Something WRONG with this. Franken should stay and undergo an ethics investigation which includes Moore, if he wins.

  • boyscout

    Wow it seems rather than stand for the right things and represent the people the older corrupt of the party would rather align with the dark forces and eat their young instead. Franken has been one of the few standing up and calling out some of the wrongs in washington. If you allow roy moore and you allow trump there is something very wrong here.

  • SaveRMiddle morally void Republican politicians prop up child stalker, sexual predator Roy Moore stating his voting potential is just too important.

  • RP

    He shouldn't resign. In each instance Franken grabbed someone during a photo public. These could best be described as playful. None was an attempt to coerce sex or to initiate sex. The picture that some are making a big deal out of was an obvious attempt at humor. The current inquisition should concentrate on egregious cases rather than anything that can be construed as offensive.

  • pfon71361

    As the #metoo era enters a new phase it was inevitable that more accusations against powerful political figures are surfacing. The fact that years, and in some cases decades, have passed does not lessen the pain these reprehensible and unwanted actions have caused the victims of sexual misconduct. The public apologies from Sen. Franken so far have been perfunctory and less than completely sincere. These mea culpas, in many instances, never really fully embraced the seriousness of the damage these unwanted actions have caused. At a certain point, as follow congressperson Rep. John Conyers Jr. discovered, the piper must be paid. Obviously, every new revelation deepens the sense that all personal space should be considered inviolable and not subject to the whims of powerful or connected people.

  • MarciaB

    Franken has *lots of support from citizens who are Democrats. It's his fellow Democrats in Congress calling for his head.

  • Randy rjjd

    Shouldnt do it until trump steps down.

  • A_Skri

    if the % of women politicians could be inverted. it might help. instead of 20% women in power. we could shift towards 20% men. government would probably be fairer and less corrupt.

  • Sally

    I'll never vote for any senators calling for Franken's resignation because they clearly don't respect this country's tenets and laws, therefore, they have no business working in government.

  • TexasVulcan

    I am sorry, Senator Franken. You are a good Senator for the people of Minnesota. But i have to agree that it's time to go.

  • A_Skri

    mr franken. the good times are over. times are a changing. the younger women politicians of today are more outspoken. they tolerate less your type of behaviour. you are able to note your prey's weaknesses and pounch.

  • netxtown

    As the current top dawg, Mitch McConnel, in the Senate said: Let the people of Minnesota make the decision.

  • thee1truth

    If i was Al Franken........

    I will step down when Donald Trump steps down and Roy Moore drops out.
    Until that happens.

    Ladies,i will walk out that door, but i am taking out the trash as i go.

    I'm Al Franken

  • Mick

    I like Franken and think he is one of the smarter people in office. It sounds like he made some mistakes but sounds pretty innocent and he deserves a second chance. There is a double standard at play here and its not fair or right; why should he go and Moore or Trump stay? I like Franken far more than these other two serial abusers.

  • socalusa

    no doubt SNL will take him back - where he learned that nothing is sacred, and the rules dont apply to comedians who think they are special and above it all. The concept didnt work so well for him in his role as politician, lol

  • David F

    I do NOT want to see Al Franken leave the Senate. He is one of the better voices in government. Please don't resign Al.

  • ProfPalefuddy

    Franken should introduce a bill in the Senate that Codifies Sexual Relationships from Harassment to Rape and Child Molestation. The code can be Sexual Code Violation 1 the worst with Jail/ Prison , and the least a cat call or degrading verbal comment a fine like a parking ticket.

    I don't think we should reach backward and end the employment of all men who have done what Franken has been accused of. At worse he is boorish and crude and rude. Is this codified?

    He is employed by the voters who elected him. Unless he is convicted of a crime I don't think the Senate should oust him because of the charges thus far put upon him. If the conduct he has been accused of is to be criminal, make it so with clear language so that any transgressions hence forth can be dealt with in a real court of law not a court of accusations with no trial.

  • tet1953

    Until a week or so ago, most of us had no idea that millions in taxpayer funds had been used to settle cases of sexual harassment. Not only is that an improper use of taxpayer money, keeping it secret should be criminal. Certainly any confidentiality agreements should be thrown out, and these public servants identified. I am fine with keeping the victims identities confidential. If Franken has to go for behavior before he was in Congress, surely others who behaved similarly while in office should also.

  • Liberal_2018

    Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand are behind the attack on Franken. They didn’t want him running in 2020 for president.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Franken should resign, but he shouldn't have to resign until the Moore situation is resolved. It makes no sense for a sitting senator to resign if another senator with similar allegations gets to be sworn in. In what universe does that makes sense?

    Sorry, I lost my head. I just remembered we're in the America that just elected a lunatic so who knows any more what is up and what is down.

  • Another commenter

    You don't get it ,Al. I'm sorry but not as sorry as you should be and you don't get it. You had fun as a comedian of your time using powerless women as the butt of your jokes "Look at me, I'm not beautiful but this girl is! Let me get some and pretend she thinks it's funny too!" It's over now and being a Democrat doesn't excuse you. To say you don't even remember your accusers is worse. Don't you understand that? Sadly, it's time to go. To stay is the height of arrogance. It makes you worse than Trump or Moore because they don't claim to know better. It's time to go. So go.

  • Yokwyk

    Sen. Franken,
    (particularly, if you haven't transgressed, since becoming a Senator !)
    You know the truth of the matter, and frankly you're needed.

    At this point in time, I'd like to know.( from all the men in the audience, )
    If you've never in your life, been a Cad or a Rake, raise your hand.
    I thought so!

    Even with Judge Moores craziness.
    I'm am not comfortable with, this new thing.
    Conviction by accusation.
    I've seen some great, positive, social change in my lifetime, that seemed more in line
    with the ( assumed/alleged ) American character.
    I'm as ready as most, to see sexual inequality, and the excesses of patriarchy, be gone.

    I do put a weight to, the number of accusers,
    I also know, accusation is not proof.
    We all can be replaced.
    The question is, should we be replaced?
    One of Frankens accusers, has forgiven him!

  • Clob

    So Franken should resign but the GOP is all getting behind a child molester in Alabama?

    Did I wake up in crazy world?

  • Beeyrself

    Al Franken, PLS. DO NOT RESIGN !!! Do not capitulate. So a few women found his clumsy advances offensive, so what. He did not abuse his power or coerce anyone. Stop this nonsense political correctness from the Democrat. Fight, damn it.

  • shelley893

    He should resign when tRump resigns!

  • ndnbs (Nominal Drama, No BS)

    Oops. I just realized I was on a FAKE NEWS SITE!

    Gotta go......................

  • faze009

    Keep your head up Al. Just don't run as a Republican simply because their standards are low.